Although I enjoy taking care of my home by creating a loving place for my family, organizing and creating routines, cooking wholesome meals…, I want my children to enjoy the outdoors. God’s creation is remarkable and no human can recreate what the Creator has made. Cities tire me, and although symmetry and human craftsmanship amazes me, I need that space. I need trees, plants, moss, soil, rocks, water, streams, lakes, oceans, air and living creatures. All these amazing biological wonders thrive on God’s breath of life. I am awestruck just by this single thought.

I want my children to feel the same. And they already do. Especially Adina. She is so inspired by rocks and little plants, she started to give more attention to insects these days, too. She calls them “bzyk bzyk” (not sure if you can read it if you’re not polish, haha).

And for this reason, my photography and art centers around creation. I wouldn’t be an artist if I didn’t have nature. Nothing inspires me like it.

Please enjoy this little piece of peace I got to capture yesterday, may it bring you some type of awe, as well.

God bless,