Utterly Devoted

These two precious lovebirds brought me to the Red Barn Venue in Amherst, Ma and I could not have been be happier! Nature and wild landscape have my heart, and having an opportunity to shoot a wedding at such a location always makes me joyful. DeAndra and Michael made it ever more effortless to take good pictures here. All bouquets and decorations were made by the bride, which adds to the overall mood and feeling of the wedding.

I arrived about an hour earlier to scout the location, and I must tell you that ideas were flowing through my head. I hope to return to this venue more than once to explore and exhaust all that my imagination has stored for it. The couple was all more than willing to experiment with me, and although the weather was pretty cloudy for the most of the day, right at the end of it, we were lucky to catch some golden hour action!

And look for yourself, how magnificent their wedding portraits came out!

Setting Up

Getting Ready




Bouquets: DeAndra R.

Wedding gown:

Bride's Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bridesmaid's Dresses:

Groom's Suit:

Groom's Shoes"

Hand written decorations: DeAndra R.

Venue: The Red Barn in Amherst, Ma