Congratulations! You have received your wedding gallery and now you are awaiting the final step of your wedding heirloom journey.

My design process offers versatility in design and high quality materials to ensure the best quality albums for your family. They are handcrafted in Poland and hence all over travel from Europe to your hands.

Let's begin!

Textiles and Color Palette

Your album is going to be wrapped in a textile of your choosing. I offer leatherette and linen textiles in a variety of colors and textures to suit your taste. I would suggest choosing colors that match your overall wedding aesthetic.

If you desire to upgrade your heirloom to be paired with a customized protective box you will need to choose two textiles and colors. If your want to keep just an album, you will have to choose one textile only.


The A. selection is your main fabric and color. You will choose one color if you are designing just an album.

The B. selection is you accent fabric and color. You will choose this second textile if you are upgrading to an album box.

See below for example.

In this album, the A. selection is a Dark Grey Linen. The B selection is the Cold Gray Duo Weave Linen textile which is slightly lighter in tone.


As I mentioned earlier, I offer two textiles which are leatherette and linen. Linens come in two styles Single Weave which is uniform in color and Duo Weave which consists of two colors weaved together. Below, are swatches. Before the name of the swatch, are code names. Please refer to them when you will be sending me your final decisions.

01 / 04

Wedding Album Boxes

As all heirlooms, your wedding album is meant to last generations. To help it stay intact and unstained, I recommend choosing a wedding album box to protect it from a possibility of damage.

To suit your needs, I offer two styles:

-Deluxe USB and Wedding album Box

-Single Wedding Album Box

See below for examples

Deluxe USB and Wedding album Box ($350)

This rectangular box protects not only your Wedding Album but also your USB drive with the full wedding gallery. Consequently, it contains both of the most important heirlooms you will walk away with from your wedding photography.

Single Wedding Album Box ($200)

It complements the set by adding protection to your heirloom, beautifully encasing it in a skillfully crafter box.


If you desire, you may upgrade your wedding album to a luxurious full size of 12x12.

See below for examples.

8x8 Album

($600 unless included in the collection)

Its modest and compact size makes it easy to store and care for. Perfect for discrete and private couples who want to keep the album as their own personal keepsake.

12x12 Album

($1000 or $400 if upgrading from the standard heirloom size included in the collection)

This album, due to its size, offers more detail in photographs and makes it even more delightful to look through and reminisce with your beloved, family, and friends.

Size Difference

I recommend upgrading to the 12x12 heirloom album size if you are thinking of reliving your day with your friends and family as you look through your album together at a family gathering.

Below is the size difference for refernce.

Your Cover Options

You may choose from five artistic wedding album covers displayed below:

I. Acrylic Prestige

Astonishing 2/3 acrylic cover. Perfect for display.

II. Acrylic Tryptic

Three acrylic panels make this album resemble a photo display.

III. Acrylic Prestige II

Rectangular acrylic cover. Perfect for display.

IV. Black Star

This black leatherette album with a sleek engraved acrylic plate accentuates the cover to leave an indelible impression.

V. Pristine

A leatherette album to match a wedding dress: clean, elegant, sophisticated with golden metal corners and golden embossing.

Let's start designing!

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