Hi, I am Wioletta Gavrilova.

But you can call me Viola for short. I am an experienced multi-media artist who can work in both digital and physical media, and in multiple photography film formats, as well. I have a Visual Art degree with concentration in painting and have had cultivated a passion for photography from a young age.

I believe that capturing and documenting the most precious and dearest moments of one’s life is one of the greatest gifts of the modern era. I feel inspired by seizing one's individuality, connection between two lovers, and the unique identity of a family with a camera. My passion is in the real emotions, the honest moments and capturing how it all really felt. And since everyone's story is different, I know that the crucial importance lies in the raw candid moments.

Born and raised for 16 years in Poland, I always longed for beauty and nature, which strongly influences my lifestyle and work. Some of my early artistic photographs got published in few magazines while in high school and college.

If you are seeking a professional and experienced photographer with artistic vision to capture moments and experiences with people you dearly care about and love, reach out to me so we can start creating something beautiful and lasting.